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About Us Pigs (in pudding)

A Message from The Director

The Head Hog :

Hello fellow creative piggies. I’m Chrissy “Head Hog” Rose, (be prepared for more pig puns). I’m the managing director of “Pigs In Pudding Publishing.” I have been involved in writing and publishing for quite a few years. We are a brand spanking new company. We started in June 2024, AND !!!! We are going to shake up the eBook publishing world from its current, let’s face it, boring, snooze inducing style. How? Well, our eBooks are fun and have incredible illustrations and even animations. An eBook with animations!! I hear you ‘squeal’ (I warned you about the pig puns). Yes, not only that but they also have narration. Our books cater for teenagers through to adults. Have a look at our demo video, and then read on below.






The Current Pigsty Of eBook Publishing :

Like you, I was under the impression that eBooks should be written in a plain style, usually with “Times New Roman” font, and perhaps a few images thrown in, if you wanted to ‘jazz’ it up a bit.

Discovering A Style with 'Grunt' :  (even more puns coming)

We have found an extremely talented artist / author called Jacob Kerry, who created a new style of eBook. It is in the normal ePub format but his eBooks have automatic narration, 3D interactivity and amazing animations. 

"Combining my art with writing is like being a pig in pudding" artist /author - Jacob Kerry

Teaming Up With Jacob Kerry :

In January 2024, he published this new format on Apple Books, with a story about a time traveling teenager. I hade never seen an eBook like this. I contacted him and he explained his process for making this new format. I was amazed by this combination of art and writing, and realized that eBooks could  be a true visual and interactive medium, and not just for writers but also for artists. During our discussion, I asked Jacob why he made this type of eBook. He told me he had done illustrations for various authors but decided to do both the artwork and the writing for his own story, but he wanted it to be an original experience for the reader, not just another eBook with pictures. I asked him what it felt like to create something original He said it was huge challenge as there was nothing to compare it with, but when the concept was completed, it felt like being... "A Pig In Pudding". I have always loved pigs and his comment gave me the idea of having a piggy themed publishing company. After convincing Jacob, and Janet (my assistant), we have joined forces and are going to publish eBooks in this new style.

Pigment of Our Imagination? : 

So, what on earth am I grunting about?  Well, Jacob has two stories written in this new eBook format. Go to

"Our Books"  to see them.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or just want to get in touch, email us at "" in the meantime go and download one of Jacob's eBooks. Or go to our YouTube channel to see previews, and you will see what this new medium is all about. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, which we only send out when we have important updates.

Chrissy Rose

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